How Much Is Costco Pizza? Completed Answer

Do you have a craving for pizza, but don’t know where to find the perfect slice at an affordable price? Well look no further! Costco is known for providing its customers with high-quality products and services at unbeatable prices, and their delicious pizzas are no exception.

How much is Costco pizza? In this blog post, we’ll explore how much pizza costs at Costco, as well as all the options they offer in terms of toppings and sizes. From classic pepperoni to veggie supreme – no matter what your preference may be – there’s a tasty option for everyone at this iconic retail giant. So let’s get started!

What Is Costco Pizza?

Costco pizza is a popular item sold at Costco Wholesale stores. It is made with quality ingredients, including high-grade flour and real cheese, and comes in several varieties like pepperoni, cheese, and veggie. The pizza is delivered directly to the store from a central kitchen for freshness and convenience. Customers can either purchase individual slices or two large pizzas that come with 16 slices each. Prices are much lower than traditional pizzas due to the bulk purchasing power of Costco memberships.

As such, it continues to be a popular choice amongst customers who are looking for an affordable but delicious option for feeding their family or friends. Additionally, it is easy to pick up after shopping since many locations have dedicated pizza areas near their fresh produce departments or at the food court. With so many options and savings available, it’s no wonder why Costco pizza is a fan favorite amongst shoppers! 

The rising popularity of Costco pizza has also had an impact on the restaurant industry, with other stores and restaurants trying to replicate their success. While nothing can top the real deal from Costco, customers can now find similar offerings in supermarkets and shopping centers across the country. Whether you’re grabbing a slice for lunch or ordering two pies for dinner, there are plenty of delicious and affordable options available that are sure to please everyone at your next meal! 

What Are The Ingredients In A Costco Pizza?

Costco pizzas are made with a few key ingredients. The crust is made from wheat flour, vegetable oil, yeast, sugar and salt. The sauce is typically tomato-based and contains garlic, onion powder, oregano and black pepper. For the cheese topping, Costco uses freshly shredded mozzarella cheese. As for toppings, customers may choose from pepperoni, Italian sausage or mushrooms. Finally, each pizza is topped off with a blend of spices to give it an extra burst of flavor. All these ingredients come together to form a delicious pizza that will satisfy any craving!     

For those interested in nutrition information about the pizza pies sold at Costco stores, here are some highlights: A single slice of pizza contains 340 calories, with 13 grams of fat and 33 grams of carbohydrates. It also comes with 20 milligrams (mg) of cholesterol and 880 mg of sodium. Other vitamins and minerals include calcium (10%), iron (4%), vitamin A (2%) and Vitamin C (2%). All in all, a single slice provides nearly one third the recommended daily guidelines for most adults. With this knowledge, customers can make informed decisions about how much pizza to purchase for their families or parties. 

Costco’s delicious pizzas are made from quality ingredients that guarantee an enjoyable dining experience. Whether you’re looking for a quick meal on-the-go or hosting a party, Costco’s pizza is sure to please everyone!

What Is The Pizza Size At Costco?

The pizza size at Costco is determined by the type of pizza ordered. The traditional cheese and pepperoni pizzas are offered in two sizes, a 12-inch square pizza or an 18-inch round pizza. The new thin crust options come in either a 16-inch or 20-inch round. For customers looking to feed a larger gathering, they offer large take & bake pizzas that come in 24 or 30 inch round sizes. No matter what size you choose, all of their pizzas are made with fresh ingredients and topped with high quality cheeses for the ultimate flavor experience!  So whether it’s just you, your family, or a large crowd – there’s definitely a size available for everyone!

How Much Is Costco Pizza?

Costco Pizza is one of the most popular foods at Costco. The price of a single, large pizza from Costco ranges from $9.95 to $14.99 depending on the type of crust and toppings you choose. For example, a cheese pizza with a thick crust is typically around $11.99 while a pepperoni pizza with thin crust will cost around $13.99. The prices vary by region so it’s best to check your local store’s pricing before ordering your favorite slice! If you’re feeding a larger crowd, consider getting a party-sized pizza for only $14.99 – enough for 6 people or more! With Costco’s reasonable prices and quality ingredients, you can’t go wrong with their pizza! 

Whether you’re looking to feed a large group or just satisfy your own craving for pizza, Costco’s delicious and affordable pies are sure to hit the spot. From classic cheese to hearty combos, there’s something for everyone. Plus, you can customize your order so it’s perfect for whatever party or event you have planned. So next time you need a tasty treat that won’t break the bank, stop by Costco and pick up one of their delicious pizzas!

How Much Is Costco Baked Pizza?

Costco is well known for having excellent quality items at a great price, and their baked pizzas are no exception. Generally, you can expect to pay around $9.99 for a Costco pizza that is large enough to feed up to four people. However, the exact cost will vary depending on size, toppings, and location of store. If you’re looking for a great deal on delicious pizza, look no further than your nearest Costco – you won’t be disappointed!

Additionally, if you plan ahead and buy in bulk you can save even more!  Buying multiple pizzas can bring the total cost down to less than $7 per pizza – an unbeatable bargain! With so many options available at such an affordable price point, it’s no wonder why so many people love Costco pizza.  So if you’re looking for an affordable and delicious snack or meal, check out the bakery section of your local Costco – you won’t be sorry!  Stop by today to grab a slice (or two!) of hot, fresh pizza.

How Much Costco Pizza For 25 People?

When planning to serve a large number of guests, it is important to know how much food you will need. If pizza is on the menu for your event or gathering, there are several factors to consider when deciding how much Costco pizza you should buy. 

The size and type of Costco Pizza that you choose will largely depend on the preferences of your guests. A Party-Size Pepperoni or Supreme Pizza may be enough for 25 people if they are only having a slice each as an appetizer before the main meal. For larger, two large pizzas may be enough but three should be purchased if possible. 

If your guests prefer other toppings such as veggie, chicken, bacon and sausage, then 4-5 large pizzas should be purchased. To ensure that there is enough food for everyone, it’s a good idea to purchase at least one extra pizza than the amount you think your guests will eat. 

If you are having more than 25 people at your gathering and plan on serving pizza as the main meal, then 6-7 large pizzas should be purchased for every 25 people. If possible, it’s best to purchase an assortment of different toppings so that there is something for everyone. 

When purchasing Costco Pizza for a large group of people, it’s important to consider their preferences and make sure there will be sufficient quantity available. With some careful planning and calculations, you can serve up plenty of tasty pizza while ensuring that there are enough slices for everyone. 

Additionally, it is highly recommended that you purchase a few extra pizzas just in case your guests have larger appetites than expected. This way, you can rest assured that no one leaves feeling hungry and they will all have had plenty of delicious pizza to enjoy. 

How to Order Pizza from Costco?

Ordering pizza from Costco is simple and convenient. To get started, you’ll need to have a valid membership card or sign up for one online. Once you have your membership card, you can order pizza either in-store or through the Costco Pizza website. 

When ordering in-store, simply tell the cashier that you’d like to purchase a pizza and follow their instructions. When paying, be sure to present your valid membership card so that it can be applied to your purchase. 

If ordering online, visit the Costco Pizza website and select ‘Order Now’. From there, follow the instructions provided on how to customize your order before proceeding to payment. Again, make sure that when entering payment details, you use the membership card associated with your order. 

Once your order is placed, you should receive an email confirmation and a tracking number to use for monitoring your delivery progress. You may also be able to check on the status of your order through the Costco Pizza website or mobile app. 

How Many Calories Are In A Costco Pizza?

A large slice of a Costco pizza contains approximately 250 calories. This will vary depending on the type of pizza chosen, as some varieties contain more fat and calories than others. For example, an 18-slice pepperoni pizza from Costco contains about 220 kcal per slice, while a supreme pizza with sausage and mushrooms has around 290 kcal per slice. It is important to consider that these numbers are based on standard Costco portion sizes. If you are eating larger slices or have extra toppings added, the calorie count may be higher.

To get an accurate understanding of how many calories are in your individual Costco pizza slice, it is best to check the nutritional information provided by the company.  Additionally, complementing your meal with healthier options such as salad can help to reduce the overall calorie count. By doing a little extra research and making smarter decisions when it comes to your pizza selection, you can enjoy your favorite Costco slice without feeling guilty about the calories. 

It is important to remember that no matter what type of food you are eating, portion control is key for maintaining a healthy diet. Eating more than one large slice of Costco pizza may be tempting, but always think before you eat! Pay attention to the nutritional information listed on each item so that you can make healthier choices and stay within your daily caloric goals. With some planning and mindful eating practices, enjoying a delicious slice of Costco pizza doesn’t have to mean sacrificing your health goals.

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FAQs About Costco Pizza

How Many Slices In A Costco Pizza?

A classic Costco pizza is a large 18-inch pie that’s cut into 12 slices. They are known for their delicious pies and generous portions, so if you’re looking to feed a crowd, this could be the pizza for you. Most people find that two slices of this pizza will fill them up, but if you need more than 12 slices, it’s best to order multiple pizzas or go for an even larger size. If you’re feeding a big group of people at once, don’t forget to add some salad and drinks to your order too! 

Can You Make A Costco Pizza Order Online?

No, Costco’s in-store pizzas cannot be ordered online. However, depending on your location, you may be able to buy a frozen Costco pizza from an online retailer. For example, Amazon and Walmart carry some versions of Costco’s Kirkland Signature frozen pizzas. 

If you are looking for an even easier way to order a pizza, many stores offer delivery options that allow you to place orders directly from their websites or apps. If you live near a store that offers this service it can be a great way to get delicious pizza without having to leave the house. 

Finally, if none of these options work for you there are plenty of other ways to make homemade pizza with ingredients available at your local grocery store. You can make your own dough, pick out your favorite toppings and customize your pizza to fit your taste in no time! 

So even if you can’t make a Costco pizza order online, you still have plenty of other options for enjoying delicious pizza at home. With some creativity and the right ingredients, it’s easy to make a great pizza that everyone will enjoy!

How Many Calories Are In A Slice Of Costco Pizza?

A single slice of Costco pizza can range from 350-400 calories, depending on the type of pizza. For example, a slice of cheese pizza has 370 calories compared to a piece of pepperoni pizza that contains 390 calories. Other varieties such as Hawaiian or supreme will have similar calorie counts. Some costco stores also offer ‘healthy’ options such as cauliflower crust pizzas with 300-320 calories per slice.

What Kind Of Pizzas Does Costco Have?

Costco is known for its wide range of food choices, including delicious pizzas. The types of pizza available vary by location, but they usually offer a variety of toppings and styles. Some options may include thin crusts with pepperoni, sausage and vegetables; deep dish pies with four cheese blends; regular or whole wheat crusts with various combinations; and even vegan or gluten-free options. In some locations you may find specialty items such as Chicago-style pan pizza or gourmet BBQ chicken.

There are also choices for dessert pizzas such as apple crumble and chocolate chip cookie dough. In addition to the many different types available, Costco also offers large sizes that can easily feed a crowd. With so many tempting choices, it’s easy to find the perfect pizza for any occasion.

How Many People Will 1 Costco Pizza Feed?

A single Costco pizza is large enough to feed 10 to 12 people. The size of the pizza varies depending on the type, but most measure at least 18-inches in diameter. A slice from a Costco pizza typically contains around 6 ounces of food, meaning that each person would be consuming about 1/2 pound (or 8 ounces) of food if you divide it among 12 people. As a result, one Costco pizza can provide an entire meal for a large group of people. 

The ingredients in Costco pizzas also offer substantial nutritional value. Depending on the topping combination, they are often loaded with protein and fiber, which can help keep everyone satisfied and energized over time. Additionally, because they contain mostly cheese and toppings, they are also a great source of calcium. All of these attributes make Costco pizzas an excellent choice for large groups who want to eat healthy without spending too much money. 

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To conclude, how much is Costco Pizza? You’ve seen from our analysis that the price of a whole pizza from Costco depends on several factors such as location, type of pizza, and quantity. In terms of regional differences, we saw that prices vary quite a bit depending on where you purchase this delicious food.  When it comes to size and topping choice, the price range is more moderate but still depends on what you select.

Ultimately, each individual will have to decide just how much they are willing to spend for the perfect slice of heaven.  That said, with its notorious reputation of having some of the most delicious pizzas around at unbeatable prices, there really isn’t any wrong way to go with a Costco pizza. So go ahead now and make your next purchase – whether it’s your first or tenth – with confidence knowing you’re getting quality at an esteemed price.

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