How Many People Does a 14 Inch Pizza Feed? Easy Ways

When it comes to entertaining or feeding a large group of people, pizza is always a crowd pleaser. But before you order several 14-inch pizzas for your next event, you may be wondering, how many people does one 14-inch pizza actually feed? While the answer varies depending on various factors such as topping choices and hunger levels of attendees, there are some general guidelines that will help determine exactly how much food to provide for your gathering.

How many people does a 14 inch pizza feed? Keep reading this blog post to get all the insider tips from professional caterers so you can accurately estimate just the right amount of pizza for your upcoming gathering!

What Is A 14 Inch Pizza?

A 14 inch pizza is one of the most popular sizes for eating at home or ordering from a restaurant. It’s large enough to feed several people and can offer plenty of toppings to suit individual tastes. When ordering online, you will often see a list of toppings available – usually offering an array of meats, vegetables, cheeses, and sauces. Pizza lovers enjoy customizing their own pizzas with these toppings to create unique flavor combinations that satisfy their cravings.

The 14 inch size also makes it possible to enjoy different types of crusts – from thin-crust all the way through thick deep dish. No matter what your preference is when it comes to pizzas, there is something sure to please everyone in this popular size category.

When served, a 14 inch pizza typically contains eight slices, but can also be cut into 12 or 16 pieces depending on how thin the crust is and how many people are sharing it. Its size makes it perfect for parties, as there will usually be plenty of slices for each person to enjoy. Although 14 inch pizzas are usually round, they can also come in other shapes and sizes. If you’re looking for a bigger size, consider upgrading to an 18 inch pizza – or even larger.

No matter what type of pizza you prefer, there is sure to be something satisfying with a 14 inch size. With plenty of toppings to choose from and different crust types, your pizza night is sure to be a hit.  So if you’re looking for something tasty and convenient – the 14 inch pizza may just be the perfect choice.

How Many Slices Are In A 14 Inch Pizza?

The answer to the question, “How many slices are in a 14 inch pizza?” depends on how you choose to slice it. Generally speaking, you can expect to get 12 regular-sized slices from a 14 inch pizza. However, if you prefer larger or smaller slices, this number may vary. For example, if you cut the pizza into eight slices, you will have larger slices than if you cut it into 16 tiny slices. Ultimately, the number of slices in a 14 inch pizza is up to the individual’s preference. With the right tools and technique, you can get any size slice that you want from your 14-inch pie! 

For reference, here is a list of different slice counts for common sizes of pizza: 

– 10 inch pizza: 6 regular-sized slices or 8 smaller slices 

– 12 inch pizza: 8 regular-sized slices or 12 smaller slices 

– 14 inch pizza: 12 regular-sized slices or 16 smaller slices 

– 16 inch pizza: 14 regular sized slices or 18 (or more) smaller slices. 

No matter what size pizza you order, the number of slices is always up to you! So if you want a custom cut for your 14 inch pizza, go ahead and slice it however you’d like.

What Is The Nutritional Information For A 14 Inch Pizza?

A 14-inch pizza typically contains a variety of nutrient values depending on the toppings used. A classic cheese pizza can range from 800 to 1,100 calories with 6 to 18 grams of fat and around 2,000 milligrams of sodium per slice. Adding pepperoni boosts the calorie count up to 980 to 1,300 per slice and increases fat content to 13 to 28 grams. Other topping options including sausage, veggies, and extra cheese can also significantly increase the nutritional value. It is important for consumers to review all ingredient lists for an accurate assessment of their nutritional value. 

Below is a list of commonly added toppings that contain various levels of calories, fat, cholesterol and sodium

– Pepperoni: 70–95 calories, 4–7 grams of fat, 10–15 milligrams of cholesterol and 160–240 milligrams of sodium per slice.

– Sausage: 80–105 calories, 6–9 grams of fat, 20–25 milligrams of cholesterol and 260–320 milligrams of sodium per slice.

– Extra cheese: 40–55 calories, 3.5–4.5 grams of fat, 5–10 milligrams of cholesterol and 180–230 milligrams sodium per slice. 

– Onions: 0 to 15 calories and 0 to 1 gram fat per slice. 

– Green peppers: 0 to 20 calories and 0 to 1 gram fat per slice. 

– Mushrooms: 0 to 25 calories and 0 to 2 grams fat per slice. 

– Olives: 15–20 calories, 1–2 grams of fat, 0 milligrams of cholesterol and 70–90 milligrams sodium per slice. 

– Pineapple: 10–20 calories, 0 to 1 gram fat, 0 milligrams cholesterol and 5–10 milligrams sodium per slice. 

– Jalapeno peppers: 0–5 calories and 0 to 1 gram fat per slice. 

– Spinach: 0 to 10 calories and 0 to 1 gram fat per slice.

– Tomatoes: 0 to 5 calories and 0 grams of fat per slice.

Consumers should check with their favorite pizzeria for the exact nutritional information of any given topping combination, as values may vary depending on portion sizes used. Additionally, whole wheat crusts can increase fiber content while reducing refined carbs, giving consumers a healthier option when ordering pizza.  By understanding the nutritional value of their meal before ordering, customers can make better decisions when it comes to their health and well being.

How Long Does It Take To Cook A 14 Inch Pizza?

Cooking a 14 inch pizza can take anywhere from 10 to 15 minutes. The exact time depends on factors such as the type of oven and the temperature setting being used. There are also some pre-cooking steps that need to be done before baking your pizza, such as rolling out the dough onto a pan or surface, adding desired toppings, and preheating your oven. All of these steps should be considered when estimating how long it will take to cook your pizza.

Additionally, for best results you’ll want to rotate the pizza midway through cooking so it cooks evenly, which may add an extra minute or two to your total cooking time.  Having all ingredients prepped ahead of time will help reduce overall cooking time and result in a delicious pizza.

How Many People Does A 14 Inch Pizza Feed?

A 14-inch pizza typically serves 3-4 people, depending on the type of pizza and how big the slices are. To serve a larger group of people, consider getting multiple pizzas or choosing an even larger size to ensure everyone is fed. If you have a list of people who will be eating the pizza, it can help you determine how many pizzas to order for your event. Alternatively, if you don’t know exactly how many people will be attending, ordering more than one 14 inch pizza may be the safest option. This way, there’s always enough food for everyone! 

Of course, this answer could vary depending on your preferences; some people prefer small slices while others like their slices bigger in order to feel full. If you’re unsure how many slices each person should get, consider ordering a few extra pizzas to give people the freedom to choose their own slice size. That way, everyone can enjoy the pizza and feel satisfied after eating. 

No matter what your event is or how many people will be attending, there’s always a perfect pizza size for every occasion. With some careful planning and consideration of your guests’ preferences, you can make sure your event has enough delicious food to feed everyone!

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How Do You Cook A 14 Inch Pizza?

The ingredients you will need to make a 14 inch pizza are: 

– 1 lb of pizza dough 

– 2 cups of your favorite pizza sauce 

– 2-3 cups of shredded cheese 

– Your favorite toppings (such as pepperoni, mushrooms, bell peppers, etc.)  


– Preheat the oven to 425°F. Grease a large baking sheet or pan with some olive oil. 

– On a lightly floured work surface, roll out the pizza dough until it is large enough to fit onto the prepared pan or baking sheet. Transfer the dough onto the baking sheet and press it into place in an even layer. If needed, use your fingers to press the dough up around the edges of the pan. 

– Spread the pizza sauce over top of the dough, leaving a ½ inch border around the edge of the pizza. Sprinkle 2-3 cups of shredded cheese over top and then arrange your favorite toppings onto the cheese. 

– Bake for 20-25 minutes, or until cheese is melted and bubbly and crust is golden brown. 

– Slice into 12 slices and serve warm!

By following these simple steps, you will be able to make a delicious 14 inch pizza in no time!

Additional Tips: 

– If you’re cooking multiple pizzas at once, switch the shelves they are on halfway through cooking time. This will help ensure that all of them cook evenly. 

– Try adding some fresh herbs or garlic for an extra flavor kick. 

– Add some crushed red pepper flakes or chili powder for added heat. 

– For a crispy crust, brush the edges of the dough with melted butter and sprinkle with Parmesan cheese before baking.

What Is The Best Way To Reheat A 14 Inch Pizza?

The best way to reheat a 14 inch pizza is to use an oven. An oven is the preferred method for achieving the best results as it will help ensure that your pizza remains crispy. 

To begin, preheat your oven to 350 degrees Fahrenheit (176 Celsius). Place the pizza on a baking sheet or directly onto the rack in your oven and cook for 8-10 minutes. You can also place a piece of aluminum foil over the top of your pizza if you prefer a softer crust. 

Once your pizza has been reheated in the oven, remove it from heat and let it cool down before eating. Additionally, you can add additional toppings or garnishments such as cheese or herbs after taking out of the oven and before serving.

Other methods for reheating a 14 inch pizza include using a microwave, stovetop, or air fryer. When using any of these methods you should avoid reheating a crust that has already been cooked as this can result in an undesirable texture. 

For microwaving your pizza, place the slices on a plate with one side facing up and microwave at medium-high power for 1-2 minutes. For the stovetop method, heat oil in a pan over medium heat and then add your pizza slices to the pan cooking until heated through (3-4 minutes). Lastly, when using an air fryer, preheat it to 375 degrees Fahrenheit (190 Celsius) and cook your pizza slices for 4-5 minutes.

How Long Does A 14 Inch Pizza Last In The Fridge?

A 14-inch pizza should stay good in the fridge for up to three days. When storing a pizza in the refrigerator, be sure to use an airtight container or wrap it tightly with plastic wrap or aluminum foil. This will help keep the crust from drying out and prevent bacteria from forming on the surface of the pizza. Additionally, it is important to ensure that your refrigerator is at a temperature of 40°F or below in order to promote food safety and discourage bacterial growth. 

If you plan on eating your leftovers after three days, consider freezing them instead. Simply place slices into separate freezer bags and store them away for future meals. Frozen pizzas can last up to three months when stored properly, so you can enjoy your pizza any time you like. 

No matter how you choose to store your 14-inch pizza, it is always important to practice proper food safety precautions. This will help ensure that your leftovers are safe to eat and remain as fresh as possible longer. 

What Are The Toppings On A 14 Inch Pizza?

The toppings on a 14-inch pizza vary depending on personal preference, but some of the most popular choices include cheese, pepperoni, sausage, mushroom, onions, bell peppers and extra sauce. Other items that can be used as toppings are bacon, ham, olives or pineapple. The list of possible topping combinations is virtually endless! With so many options available for customization, creating a unique pizzas has never been easier. No matter how many ingredients you choose to add to your pizza, it’s sure to be delicious every time.

What Is The Price Of A 14 Inch Pizza?

The price of a 14 inch pizza can vary depending on the size, ingredients, and type of restaurant. Generally speaking, most pizzerias will charge around $12-$17 for a large pizza. However, this price could be higher or lower depending on the toppings and type of crust you choose. Additionally, some restaurants may offer promotions or discounts which could reduce the cost even further.

When ordering pizza it’s important to consider all available options so that you get the best value for your money.  To make sure you’re getting the best deal, try comparing prices from different restaurants in your area or looking out for special offers from restaurants throughout the week. With a little research and careful planning, you’ll be sure to save on your next 14 inch pizza. 

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Conclusion: There’s no question that the size of your pizza matters when it comes to feeding a crowd. The right-sized pizza will make sure everyone at the party enjoys a slice or two. With this knowledge in mind, you can decide how many people a 14 inch pizza can feed. Ultimately, it depends on how large the slices are and how hungry your guests are. If you want to feed five people and serve bigger-than-usual slices, you’ll want to opt for a 16-inch round instead.

Be sure to take all factors into account when selecting your pizza size as this will ultimately dictate how many people it will serve. So if you’re looking for an answer for How Many People Does A 14 Inch Pizza Feed? – the answer is 3 to 4 people depending on the type of food served with it and number of servings per person. At any rate, get ready to enjoy those delicious cheesy slices!

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